Kriss Harmony is a musical performer, educator, entertainer, and yoga instructor. He brings a masterful wealth of knowledge and passion to his live performances and private instruction in the Roaring Fork Valley area. Learn more about Kriss’s journey below.

My Story

Kriss Harmony has over 25 years of professional experience as a live performer on multiple instruments and is equally comfortable performing in settings from symphony orchestras to jazzy jams to driving rock bands. He is most skilled and experienced playing saxophones (alto and tenor), other woodwinds including bassoon, guitar, bass, and vocals. He is a talented songwriter and works best co-creating with other musicians and bandmates to produce inspired new music and unforgettable live performances.

Kriss is a dedicated and experienced music educator utilizing cutting edge educational theories, techniques, and programs with children and adults to tap into our natural joy of learning. College educated with a degree in Music Education from Illinois State University, Kriss is the Owner and Head Facilitator of the Rock and Roll Academy Roaring Fork located in Basalt, Colorado where students are inspired to push their limits and reach new heights by this incredible musician and teacher.

In addition to music, Kriss is also passionate about quality of health and the human experience. His own journey with health struggles and recovering from injuries has given him a unique perspective on the body and tremendous compassion for those who are suffering in pain and dis-ease. Through his own innovative applications of traditional postures, gifted healing touch, and building conscious relationship with the body, Kriss aspires to bring relief and healing to those who seek it.

My Services

Solo Musician

A solo singer and songwriter who plays guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone at gatherings, small bars, and cafés.

Private Lessons

I am passionate about sharing my musical knowledge with students, helping them discover their own gifts.

Band Member

Member of The Confluents, MRE, and 432One, available for weddings, festivals, and clubs.

432One Band

I’m fortunate to be a part of this amazing roots Americana folk/rock band with a huge heart and genuine soul.

Private Events

Solo and group performances available to set the atmosphere for your private event.

Harmony Yoga

Join me for Harmony Yoga, and let’s connect the mind and body surrounded by peace, harmony, and tranquility.

Upcoming Performances

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